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Case Studies

Case Study: Adventure AI Theme Development for Serrala

5 mins Read

Project Overview

Client: Serrala
Purpose: Elevate Engagement at SAP Insider 2024
Product: Keshot Roamer Photo Booth + AI Adventure Theme development


Serrala, a titan in the financial automation and B2B payments software landscape, sought to make a resonating impression at SAP Insider Las Vegas. The company needed to not only present its innovative solutions but also communicate its core values and commitment to elevating financial automation in a memorable, interactive way that transcended the conventional booth setup.


Keshot stepped in to materialize Serrala's vision by customizing an interactive Photo Booth experience that harmonized with Serrala's adventurous spirit. Leveraging our Roamer Photo Booth technology, we developed a customed AI Theme that transported booth visitors to the great outdoors, aligning perfectly with Serrala’s logo and values. Attendees could snap a photo amidst virtual mountainous landscapes, reflecting Serrala's metaphorical message of climbing to new heights in financial automation.


The Adventure AI Theme and the Roamer Photo Booth became the center of attention, drawing a crowd eager to engage with Serrala’s brand in a dynamic way. The customized AI experience effectively communicated Serrala's dedication to guiding their clients through the often rugged terrain of financial processes with dependable, innovative solutions.

WOW Factor:

Total sessions: 1328
QR code views: 82
Total database created: 166