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Beyond the Selfie: How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Event Photography

Traditional photo booths have their charm, but they don't offer the level of engagement that AI Photo Booths do. Through machine learning algorithms and real-time analytics, AI Photo Booths deliver a personalized and interactive experience, setting your B2B event apart from the rest.

The Experience Revolution: How AI Photo Booths are Changing Events

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, events—especially B2B events—need to offer more than just networking opportunities and informative talks. Participants are increasingly looking for interactive and memorable experiences, which is where the latest innovation in photo booths comes in.

Keep Your Virtual Audience Engaged with Keshot’s Virtual Photo Mosaic

For many years, corporations have relied heavily on experiential events, conferences, and trade shows to get their products and services in the hands of potential customers. These live events have also provided a wealth of business networking opportunities to those in attendance.

Keshot Offers Virtual Solutions for Weddings

In the past year, so many things have changed across the globe. The pandemic has not only greatly impacted lives and businesses, but has also drastically minimized human connections and affected the way we interact with one other. Despite the challenges and setbacks, love will always find a way! In the face of such uncertainty,[…]

Creating a Photo Booth Online Unique to Your Event

How to Customize a Photo Booth Online Whether you want to brighten up a virtual event or you’re looking to add a little fun to a hybrid event, a virtual photo booth is a must-have addition. Enabling guests to participate in a photo booth online is a terrific way to boost engagement and incorporate a[…]

Virtual Event Ideas to Will Keep Guests Engaged

Virtual Event Ideas to Boost Engagement With virtual events more popular than ever, organizations are searching for ways to make theirs stand out. Attendees appreciate the option to network, connect and learn without the need for travel. This makes it important for companies to gather the best virtual event ideas to enhance the experience. One[…]

Create a Guest-Generated Mosaics for Your Next Virtual Event

How Guest-Generated Mosaics Make Your Virtual Events More Personal Though virtual events have been immensely helpful for organizations trying to forge connections and encourage interaction, it’s often difficult to replicate the connection and camaraderie associated with in-person events.

Interactive Elements to Include when Hosting a Virtual Event

Creative Ideas for Hosting a Virtual Event Virtual events have skyrocketed in popularity over the last year. It can take a little tweaking for your organization to plan and host a successful virtual event that keeps the attendees engaged. Here are a few tips to follow when hosting a virtual event: Use a Comprehensive Digital[…]

How a Virtual Photo Booth Can Make Your Online Event One to Remember

How to Liven up Your Online Event with a Virtual Photo Booth Though virtual events are a safe alternative to in-person gatherings, a common concern is they may be dull, boring, or lack human interaction. Fortunately, a virtual event doesn’t have to be mundane. Add life to your online event with a virtual photo booth.[…]
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