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Social Media

Drive Brand Awareness with
an Innovative Photo Experience

Thinking Outside the Box

When you put on an event to promote your business, it should be memorable.

But it’s not easy to find the WOW! Factor

that will transform your event into a remarkable brand experience.

Expand Brand Loyalty
with Social Media Walls

Virtual Social Media Wall

On-site Social Media Wall

Expand brand loyalty with Social Media Walls

Boost Engagement Beyond Your Event

Connect with your audience and increase your brand or event exposure

Your virtual event should reach more people

That’s why we created the Social Media Wall!
When attendees post to Instagram or Twitter using your event hashtag, their followers will notice your brand.
Plus, their post will be featured on the Social Media Wall during your real time.
Social Walls encourage your audience to share their experiences and foster a sense of community, led by your brand message.
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Host a Shareable Brand Experience
(Without the Stress)

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Foster a sense of community with Social Media Walls

Here’s How It Works

Keshot Social Media Wall user experience
Share the event hashthags with your audience.
Keshot Social Media Wall user experience
Using the hashtags, attendees post to social media.
Keshot Social Media Wall user experience
Watch your social wall come to life during your event.
Leverage Social Media to Drive Brand Awareness

Maximize Your Reach

Influence more people through your in-person event
Maximize your Reach with Social Media Walls

Ready to align your live event with your marketing goals?

Our team also offers Social Media Walls for your in-person events!
Simply share your unique event hashtags with your audience.
Then, watch your Social Media Wall come to life on the wall of your event.
You’ll boost engagement both online and offline as a result!
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3 Simple Steps to

Create an Epic Experience for Your Audience

Hold the event people will talk about for years to come
Schedule a Demo with a Keshot Specialist


Schedule a Demo

Tell us about your vision and we’ll brainstorm ideas with you based on our experience and resources.
Get your Custom Plan with a Keshot Specialist


Get Your Custom Plan

We’ll send you a customized proposal that meets your needs, same day, at a great price.
Connect and engage your audience in a truly epic way


Upgrade Your Event

Drive brand advocacy using our custom photo and video experiences.
Customer Feedback

What Our Clients Have to
Say about Us

Darci Berliant
Industry Relations Manager, Sponsorships & Promotions

Thanks so much for all of your help over the past year and a half. I really appreciate you working with me and answering all of my questions leading up to our contract. I love the final product, and we’re hoping to do it again next year. Thanks again for everything!

Ani Margaryan
Product Marketing Lead, MaxisIT

My company had great experiences with Keshot over the past few conferences where the AI Photo Booth was truly a hit. Great customer service - responsive and helpful.

Quinn Sterling
CEO & Director, Woman Wizard

I just wanted to say thank you for getting this all put together so well. Thanks a ton to your team for their incredible work and patience and for developing a part of your system and workflow on the moments notice. Impressive, and you've exceeded expectations for our unique event, the AI avatars are a marvel, and it's fun to see the odd AI art come to life on the narrative I've spent over a year writing.

Tasha Zuzalek
Program Manager - Facebook
Social Media Photo Booth and Social Media Wall

Today was awesome. Keshot is a MUST for all of our upcoming events. The whole experience was fabulous and I know this is just what we need moving forward. It’s always great to find like-minded companies that can adapt to the “move fast” Facebook culture.

Sabrina Damji
Hisense Account Manager, Impact XM

Had an amazing experience working with Keshot, this is the 2nd time we used them for a high-profile event and our clients and attendees absolutely loved it! The team was super communicative throughout the process, and the BA they sent to our NYC event was the best! Highly recommend using them if you are looking for a fun way to incorporate AI into an event!

Susan Franceschini
Executive Director - ThinkLA
Virtual Photo Booth and Photo Mosaic

Keshot is a visionary company constantly on the pulse of what’s next. I believe that they will go far with Virtual Photo Mosaic. This interactive photo experience is the perfect creative service for any company looking to elevate their presence in the digital space.

Christopher Young
Director, Marketing - Education Michaels Stores, Inc
Social Media Photo Booth

My experience with Keshot has been nothing short of outstanding. I had a couple of questions that needed to be answered and their customer service is there, even on a Saturday at 9am I got immediate assistance. I’m just a huge fan of our decision to partner with them!

Sonia Petkewich
CEO - Taurean Consulting
Social Media Photo Booth, Virtual Photo Booth and Virtual Photo Mosaic

Social Media Photo Booth, Virtual Photo Booth and Virtual Photo Mosaic

From day one, Keshot always goes that extra mile. Their customer service and professional services are top-notch. They walk you through how to work with their products and services. I highly recommend Keshot!

Keith D. Price, CEM
Sponsorships & Exhibits Sr. Manager

We hope to feature this mosaic activity for AUA2022 this May. We’re very happy with the turnout. Thank you for all of your support.

Ryan Wong
CES 2024 Hisense Event Producer, Impact XM

Keshot has a great team to work with and delivered over and above for our activation at CES. I produce events globally and it is great when you can find a partner and supplier you can rely on.

Renee Torzala
Vice President, Marketing & Investor Relations

Thank you so much – the digital mosaic turned out to be such a great way to engage with our stakeholders and general public. The service we received from your company truly exceeded expectations, and I can’t say enough about the timely responses and help we received throughout the whole process.

Julie Mullholland
Mulholland Drive Entertainment

The photo booth worked out excellent - everyone was so happy to participate, and it was a huge hit!!

Promote Brand Advocacy

Create a community of loyal fans through your next in-person event.
Promote Brand Advocacy with Social Media Walls

Reach a Larger Audience
Partner with us to create an innovative brand experience that exceeds your event goals.