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Case Studies

Case Study: Creating a powerful trade show experience with LVE

5 mins Read

Project Overview

Partner: Las Vegas Expo
Purpose: Create Memorable Experiences at Exhibitor Live 2024
Keshot Photo Booth + Keshot Photo Mosaic + AI Nashville Neon and Nashville Painting Theme development


The trade show landscape is highly competitive, with each exhibitor vying for the attention of attendees.
Keshot and Las Vegas Expo aimed to stand out by creating a unique, engaging experience that not only attracted visitors but also left a lasting impression.


Photo Booth: An interactive attraction offering memorable takeaways.
Photo Mosaic: A collective art piece, weaving individual moments into a larger narrative.
AI Themes - Nashville Neon & Nashville Painting: Two custom AI themes that transformed attendees' photos into vibrant artworks, reflecting the spirit of Nashville.


Event Duration: A 2-day spectacle of tech and creativity
Foot Traffic: 785 visitors who left with smiles and stunning photos
Satisfaction: Immeasurable, as we exceeded all expectations
We're beyond thrilled with the outcome — a partnership that not only illuminated the event but also brought a new level of engagement and excitement to every participant.

WOW Factor:

Working with the Keshot team was a fantastic partnership for us, their innovative AI solutions and software were instrumental in creating our interactive Live Mosaic Wall at EXHIBITORLIVE 2024, enabling us to craft memorable experiences and effectively tell our LVE story. The collaboration was truly enjoyable, and I eagerly anticipate working together on future projects and partnerships with them.
Chris Albaugh,
Las Vegas Expo