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Case Studies

Case Study: Home Run Moment at the Iconic Fenway Park

5 mins Read

Project Overview

Client: NESN

Purpose: NESN wanted to give fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to narrate their own home run moment at the iconic Fenway Park at the Winter Weekend

Product: Keshot Photo Booth + Video integration + Social Wall


NESN aimed to elevate the fan experience by offering something beyond traditional ballpark fare. They sought an interactive solution that would not only engage attendees in a unique way but also amplify the excitement of the game day through personal storytelling and shared experiences.


- Physical Photo Booth with Video Integration: Fans were invited to step into the booth and narrate a home run for the Boston Red Sox, capturing their excitement and passion in a personal video keepsake.
- Social Wall: For those a little camera-shy or preferring to express their fandom in photos, Keshot set up a Social Wall where attendees could snap pictures adorned with
- Red Sox stickers and props, then see their fan spirit displayed for all of Fenway Park to see.


- Record Engagement: Fans left with personalized video clips and photos, significantly exceeding NESN’s engagement goals.
- Client Delight: NESN celebrated a successful fan engagement initiative, setting a new standard for game day experiences.

WOW Factor:

Total sessions: 95
Total mosaic views: 434
Total database created: 95

We appreciate everything that Keshot team did to help us bring this play-by-play experience to life. I think this is definitely something we will consider using again at future events. I really appreciated how responsive they were throughout the whole weekend. Thank you for everything!
Alicia Toye, NESN