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Case Studies

Case Study: Re-engaging post-pandemic

5 mins Read

Project Overview


In the last trimester of 2021, as the world was emerging from the pandemic.


Mary Kay’s stature as a global company with a presence in 35 countries.


- Challenges of re-engaging with a global distributor network post-pandemic.
- Need for a hybrid format to ensure inclusivity across all regions.
- Objective to create brand engagement, connection, and a memorable experience for all attendees.


In addition to hosting the event in Addison, Texas, with live streaming for a global audience, Keshot developed a bilingual (English and Spanish) virtual photo booth and photo mosaic. This ensured inclusive engagement across the entire American continent, catering to a diverse linguistic audience.
This allowed attendees to choose their preferred language, ensuring a personalized and comprehensible experience.


The success of these bilingual interactive features was evident in the enthusiastic participation and positive feedback from attendees across different regions, showcasing Mary Kay’s commitment to inclusivity and engagement.

WOW Factor:

Total sessions: 9811
Total mosaic views: 13975
Total database created: 9702