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Case Studies

Case Study: Virtual Photo Mosaics for Non-Profit Organizations

5 mins Read

Project Overview

In a world that's increasingly digital, nonprofits face a unique challenge: how to foster community and drive engagement in virtual settings. Keshot stepped up to the plate, transforming the digital landscape for three esteemed nonprofits—University of Pittsburgh, American Heart Association, and Guide Dogs for the Blind—through the innovative use of Virtual Photo Mosaics.


- Each organization sought to create an impactful, memorable event that transcended the limitations of screens to truly touch the hearts of participants.
- The goal was clear: to unite people from all walks of life in support of causes that matter, fostering a sense of belonging and shared purpose, all while navigating the complexities of virtual event execution.


Enter Keshot Virtual Photo Mosaics: a digital canvas that weaves individual stories into a collective masterpiece. This cutting-edge tool was chosen for its ability to create a visually stunning, interactive experience that could bring participants closer, even when miles apart.

Day of Giving
University of Pittsburgh

The university's Day of Giving was transformed into a digital gathering of alumni, students, and faculty, each contributing a photo to create a mosaic symbolizing unity and shared legacy. The result was a powerful visualization of the university community's strength and diversity.

GDB Fun Week
Guide Dogs for the Blind

For an organization dedicated to providing invaluable companions, the mosaic offered a platform to highlight the special bond between guide dogs and their owners. Photos poured in, each telling a story of independence, companionship, and love, creating a tapestry of tales that underscored the organization's impact.

100 Years
American Heart Association

Celebrating a century of lifesaving work, the American Heart Association's event was amplified with a Virtual Photo Mosaic embedded with a donation button. This not only showcased the faces of countless supporters but also facilitated easy contributions, boosting the event's fundraising efforts significantly.


- Enhanced Engagement: Attendees were more than spectators; they were active participants in a shared creation, leading to deeper engagement with each cause.
- Increased Donations: The American Heart Association saw a noticeable uptick in contributions, thanks to the seamless integration of the donation button within the mosaic experience.
- Community Building: Each mosaic served as a living testimonial, bringing together disparate voices in a unified narrative that resonated with participants long after the events concluded.

Beyond Pixels

Keshot Virtual Photo Mosaic do more than create art; they weave the fabric of communities, turn participants into storytellers, and transform virtual gatherings into bastions of hope and humanity. In the hands of nonprofits like the University of Pittsburgh, American Heart Association, and Guide Dogs for the Blind, these mosaics became not just events, but legacies—proof that even in a digital age, connection, compassion, and community thrive.