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Photo booths & community outreach. Do those two topics go together?

November 23, 2013
5 mins Read

For our Keshot team in Las Vegas, the two topics merged into a community outreach opportunity for the team on November 15th, 2013; at The Winning Edge in Combat Sports, an event presented by the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. The event was geared towards educating the local combat sports community on important topics like:

  • Understanding performance enhancing drugs and latest trends
  • Recognizing concussion and the effects of repetitive head trauma

How was Keshot involved?

We donated our social media photo booth services and engaged the crowd by offering novelty trading card print outs from the portable photo booth, along with live Facebook & Twitter sharing to extend the reach of the event online. One of the questions we asked the users to answer was, If you could fight any historical figure, who would it be? The creative and hilarious answers were also included on the event guests trading cards.

How did the event turn out?

The event was a major success, and plans are in the works to organize annual The Winning Edge in Combat Sports events. As far as the success of the photo activity, there was a consistent line of event guests excited to get involved, and lots of repeat offenders (aka guests) coming back to create more trading cards; which we love to see!

More to come from the Keshot team!